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As a New Yorker (can I say that yet?) I'm truly a sucker for the many conveniences we have available to us here in the city. Fresh Direct, Seamless, Minibar, Alfred, and Glamsquad are just a few of the incredible services we have that meet us at our door and make our lives a little bit easier. These services particularly come in handy when you're raising little ones and getting out the door seems nearly impossible most days. Considering such a large majority of my readers are mothers and fathers I figured you would appreciate enjoy for the same reasons I do after my experience with them last week. 

The folks at Enjoy reached out last month about partnering up with Household. These guys not only sell a handful of electronics Zack and I already use or would use in our home, but they deliver them to your door at whatever time is best for you. Sound amazing? There's more. Believe it or not, even though I operate a website, I'm not the most tech savvy. When you schedule your appointment with Enjoy they not only deliver the product to you (for free!), but they set it all up and teach you how to use it. This gives you the chance to simply enjoy your purchase (hence the name!) without the fuss of reading user manuals and researching how it works online. Since most of my creative energy goes into Household and photography I had my eye set on this camera which was hand delivered by Theressa, one of the experts at Enjoy. She was incredibly helpful, friendly, and patient as she walked me through each setting on my new camera and answered all my questions. 


So why the new camera? I've had a SLR for quite some time and always find myself making excuses not to use it. My two biggest complaints: it's too heavy and bulky and too difficult to get the images from the camera to my phone for social media posts. Fortunately this camera has solved those issues for me - it's incredibly lightweight and portable and it has wifi built in so you can connect to your phone and easily share images between devices. On top of that the overall functionality and quality has improved drastically since I  purchased my last camera in 2010. I've been wanting to better my personal photography for awhile so after I established the basics with Theressa, amy took it one step further to help me improve my photography at home. I get comments and messages all the time about this topic so I figured you guys would appreciate if I shared Amy's tips with you too! Here are her top five.  

1. Natural light only! As much as you can, turn off your lamps and take advantage of your windows. Open the blinds and the curtains and stay close to the windows for the dreamiest light. My favorite is early morning or late afternoon, but every home is different so pay attention to what time of day you get the best light. 

2. Keep it easy. As much as the photos of kids looking right at you with a big grin are adorable, I personally love the moments when the kids forget you are there with the camera. Get them to tell you a story! Have them sing you a song! Or as a last resort, say something funny you know will make them laugh (my personal favorite is poop or fart for older babes)

3. Editing is just an enhancement. Your photos shouldn't need a ton of editing if done right. When editing though, keep it minimal. Up the contrast a bit, correct the warmth/coolness based on a "White" in your photo (meaning look at something white in the photo and try and get it as neutral as possible, not too orange or blue), and finally up the brightness a teensy bit. If made too bright, you will lose detail and all the beautiful shadows and depth that are so yummy in a photo.

4. Focus and expose! This one is huge. I use an iphone for a lot of my photos at home. If you are using a camera, then maybe look at some tutorials for proper exposure for inside. But with the iphone, my biggest advice is to tap the subject on your screen you want to be in focus. This will make your photos sharper and focus - always a plus. Additionally, this sets your exposure point - meaning that it will change the lighting of that photo based on this point. Example: if you tap on an area that is rather dark, it's going to blow out the image to make sure that point is light enough. If you tap on an already bright area, it will keep the exposure truer to what you are seeing. This is especially helpful when it comes to taking silhouetted photos. 

5. Last but not least! Clean your lens. If you have kids you know how much your phone will get touched, smudged and slobbered on. Simply rubbing down your little lens on your phone with a tshirt can make a huge difference. You ever wonder why a photo comes out looking foggy or unclear? Probably because little johnny's fingerprint is lingering on the lens glass. Go try this right now! You will definitely see a difference. I would recommend doing this every time you take a photo, you won't regret it! 

Photography & tips by Amy Frances.

This post was sponsored by Enjoy. 

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