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Home for the Holidays

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I wrote a quick blurb about this particular morning on instagram, but let's just say Owen wasn't the only one who shed a couple tears. There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't learn something new as a mother. This particular day reminded me that I can't always do everything and that that is more than okay. I mean most people can't clean their oven, bake cookies, get a christmas tree, Macgyver the tree, decorate it, clean the house, shower, and take family photos all before 1pm right? Right. Surprisingly enough we pulled it off, but it was just too much. Plus, Owen was not interested in photos. All he wanted was to sleep. So amy snapped these quickly and we put him down. Zack and I decorated the tree while she was there and we got some great photos of that too. It all worked out. As it always does, but I realized that maybe next time we should break these things up a bit. No one needs to be a hero here! 


Photography by Amy Frances