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Travel: Phoenix, AZ. Baby O's Shower

PregnancyHailey AndresenComment

After leaving Nevada City, CA. we headed to Phoenix, AZ. Like I said in my previous post, Baby-O had a total of 3 showers. 3! O is already spoiled beyond belief! The shower in phoenix was probably the largest of them all given the fact that this where our families live, where Zack and I went to high school, where we got married, where the large majority of our friend base is, and where just moved to New York from. The shower took place in the evening at Giant Coffee. Our friends and family poured in as we ate delicious Mexican food, pastries made by my pal, Leah, and monkey bread made by Zack's mama, Lori. Since we live across the country most gifts were shipped to our front door. This gave me the chance to truly visit with all our guests which was a such special treat. Giant is already such a beautiful space, but Erin, another friend of mine, brought in succulents and extra flowers to spruce it up a bit. My mom and my mother in law both brought tiny pairs of baby shoes for an added baby touch. (These white ones below were Zack's!) We played games where they tried not to say the word baby, found out who knows me best, and where I had to guess Zack's answers about raising Baby-O. It was perfect in every way and I am so grateful for everything my mom, mother in law, and Leah did to put the shower together. A special thank you to Matt and Ernie pool who have always treated me like family and let me use their restaurant spaces like they are my own. And to my lovely friend, Mackenzie Goodman, for taking these photos and for always being incredible. Thank you all of you who came! I feel so loved by each of you. It was so wonderful to be able to see you all one last time before I am officially a mama. Your thank you cards are in the mail if you haven't received them already. I love each and everyone of you.

Photography by mackenzie goodman