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Gold Star Beer Counter

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

From the moment I e-mailed the owners of Gold Star, they were unbelievably warm and inviting. So many times setting up photography like this can feel awkward and forced, but this instance was the complete opposite. When Amy and I arrived we chatted about the process of opening the space, how long owners, Josh and Maria, have lived in Prospect Heights, their kiddos, my family, Brooklyn, beer, and hospitality. This was my first time at the Beer Counter after passing by several times the past few months, and I can honestly say it won't be the last. Not only do they serve up snacks and some of the most unique beers in town, but their space is gorgeous. These two and their staff have truly mastered what it means to make their customers feel at home, which I appreciate more than I can put into words. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! And if you can't make it into the bar, these guys offer growlers to go from their adorable window which are perfect for a date night at home.

Photography by Amy Frances.