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Behind the Scenes: Planning for September

MotherhoodHailey AndresenComment

Wouldn't it be incredible if this was my workspace each and every month as I brainstormed on what's to come for Household? Hah! Normally it looks a whole lot less glamorous and involves sitting at my kitchen table with Amy while I jot down tons of notes and we scroll through pinterest trying to show each other what we have in mind for shoots for the upcoming month. Since we had a few things to shoot in one day we figured we would switch up our scenery and rent a space through breather. Which, if you haven't checked out breather, and you live in Montreal, New York, Boston, San Francisco, or Otawwa you should really visit their site. These spaces are super affordable to rent by the hour and for those of us who work from home they provide an awesome alternative to working in your sweatpants from wherever you land with your computer on a typical day.

As we enjoyed the early morning light of this beautiful space we worked on a few shoots, mapped out the month of September, and chatted about the direction of Household. We talked about where I see content going with the baby so close, what Amy would like to experiment with photography wise, and came up with the start of a concrete shooting and posting schedule. Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have a photographer who is willing to do all this with me?! Amy is the greatest. 

I hope as Household mag. continues to grow you are able to pick up on my structure. I hope that with each monthly issue my mission becomes clearer and speaks to each of you. I have been so grateful for the overwhelming support I have felt from you all the past couple months. If there is ever anything I can provide more insight on I deeply encourage you to reach out via e-mail if you want to have a more private conversation, or in the comments below if you're okay with the conversation being more public. This is my first pregnancy and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to document at least the second half of it so fully and through this process I have loved connecting with each of you more than I could ever put in to words. So I will say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Photography by amy frances