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Brooklyn Farmacy

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

brooklyn farmacy opened in 2010 after the space had been closed for 13 years. The original space was a 1920's apothecary shop and a hub for community gatherings. The owners now seem to understand that even more than their specific products, most people swing by for the nostalgia. to top it off, as if we needed any other reason to stop by Farmacy, it was national ice cream day, so Amy and I headed over after a shoot for an afternoon treat. The space has a beautiful old school soda fountain vibe without coming off too kitschy. They sell a variety of local goods in the front of the joint, had live music, and one of the largest dessert menus I've seen in awhile. I got one of their mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, Amy had a scoop of strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup & we shared an egg cream. Delicious and darling! 

All photography by amy frances