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Checklists Simplified

MotherhoodHailey AndresenComment

This weekend wrapped up a month of working full time outside the house (weekends included), taking on more freelance work than ever before, and beginning to piece together the moving parts of the Household Shop. I've been busy to say the least. After what felt like I was drowning in checklists, I am grateful to have found ways to stay organized and not completely overwhelmed. Because at the end of the day I am so grateful for all the work that is in front of me. Not only is it essential to keep bills paid and food on the table, but I have found it incredibly rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that not only do I love the work itself, but I have somehow been able to squeeze it all in and still feel deeply connected with Owen. Does that mean less sleep and more coffee? You bet. Does that mean I've had time to do all the social and independent things I would like? Absolutely not. There have been moments of struggle this past month, but overall it has been more than good, and good for our family to have a little extra money coming in. I'm no organizational guru, but I can tell you what worked for me and literally gave me a sense of relief immediately as I put this system in place. 


1. Hand write one HUGE checklist. I mean everything. Work items, household items, personal stuff. You name it. Even write down events, birthdays, anything. Just get it out of your mind and down on paper. 

2. Look at your week and write out your schedule (not your checklist, your schedule). If you're working include commute times and so on. Write in anything that's scheduled. Sometimes I even write in Owen's naps and what not. Zack and I have defined nights that we take for ourselves so you bet those are in there too. I especially find it helpful to even schedule downtime. Think I'm type A yet? ;)

3. Now go back to this daunting checklist. Distribute these to dos throughout the week so that you have a to do list for each day you see fit. I try to leave at least one day to do free. When I did this there were still about ten items I didn't distribute. They're for next week cause there just simply aren't enough hours. Prioritizing is key. So maybe that means you start with what's most important and time sensitive and go from there. Whatever works for you is key. 

4. I switched everything over to the google calendar app. This is not an ad, and I know I'm a grandma for not doing this sooner, but seriously guys, life changing stuff! I LOVE it. 

5. Take a deep breath. Chances are you won't be able to do it all. Set yourself up for that. Don't overload one day or another. Be realistic! For me maybe this means I complete a blog post I've been wanting to write, but my house is a mess. Life will go on! 

6. That's it. Really simple, but it was REALLY helpful to me. Maybe you guys will feel the same? Also, please comment with any apps I should check out or organizational tips of your own. This is an ever evolving process for me.