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Closet Staples: Lo & Sons

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When Owen was first born I swear I basically carried an overnight bag around with everything under the sun for the simplest errand. I would just throw what I thought were the essentials into one large tote bag (which was a lot) and when we were out and about I would have the hardest time finding anything. Sound familiar to anyone? Over the past year I have learned that I need less and less and less. Funny how that happens right? I mean what are the chances I’m going to need eight diapers and five toys when I run out for a cup of coffee? But just like anything else in motherhood there’s a learning curve with these things, and over the past year my diaper bag has definitely become smaller and smaller. While this bag certainly wouldn’t suffice for an entire day, it was perfect for running into the city to grab coffee, have a pastry and shoot at Washington Square park for a couple hours. Believe it or not, I actually fit two diapers, a changing pad, wipes, my wallet, keys, Owen’s pacifier, and my phone with room to spare in the bag you see here. It’s the perfect small purse if you ask me.

I attribute this to the fact that Lo & Sons is known for creating bags with all the right compartments. Helen Lo and her two sons started the company after Helen had abandoned yet another bag. She kept having issues finding the right bag for her travels and so her son’s quit their day jobs to make their mom’s dream a reality. How sweet is that!? Their goal was to design bags that allow you to travel light without compromising functionality or style. Helen and her sons aim for less fumbling and more globetrotting and have created a collection that does just that.

Photography by Amy Frances

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