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Closet Staples: Brass Clothing Chambray Shirt Dress

Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

This chambray dress from Brass is the perfect piece as we transition here in New York from winter to spring. Call me stingy, but i always have the hardest time buying clothing for warmer weather while it's still chilly out. It pains me to buy something new that I can't wear yet, but I'm also the person who typically puts their new purchase on as I exit the store. Fortunately this dress is the perfect transitional piece. Pair it with tights, boots, a scarf and a coat or jacket on cooler days, and once it warms up roll up the sleeves and pair it with sandals. Katie and Jay, the owners of brass, came together to create a line of basics for those of us that admire designer dresses but can't always afford them. Their goal is to keep busy women well dressed because in their eyes no one has time to stand in front of their closet in the morning wondering, "what in-all-hell do I wear today?". Which I for one am especially grateful for.

Photography by Amy Frances

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