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Closet Staples: Everlane Track Pant & Silk Sleeveless

Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

Anyone else feel like they have a "mom uniform" at times? For me it's jeans and a t-shirt or flannel. I love this look, but day after day it can kind of get boring. I recently discovered Everlane and immediately fell in love with their designs. On top of their garments being on point, they are all about what they call radical transparency. They do their research when it comes to finding the best factories to produce their goods, they make the cost and markup of their items available to the public, and constantly question themselves in every arena of their business and encourage their customers to do the same. They do this because they believe nothing is worse than complacency so they continue to make every effort to improve their designs. 

As I browsed through their online shop these two pieces were no brainers. The Go-Weave Track Pants are incredible - talk about a dressy look with a comfortable feel. They have an elastic waistband (enter praise hands here!) which I appreciate at this stage of post pregnancy where my body still seems to be changing. Will it ever stop changing? Ha! The silk sleeveless top is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine in my opinion. The material and nude color give you those ideal feminine touches while still upholding the functionality of the flannel in my "mom uniform".  I'm really all about that button front closure to come in with the assist while I'm nursing out and about. It's also loose fitting if you choose to not tuck it in to bottoms which I know I will come to appreciate as the temperatures rise through the summer here in NY. & It didn't wrinkle nearly as bad as I thought it would considering I carried Owen in the Beco carrier from our place down to the shoot. All around A+++++! 

Photography by Amy Frances

This post was sponsored by Everlane