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The decision to co-sleep wasn't premeditated and when Owen is ready to sleep in his own crib again we will make adjustments, but for now we're all sleeping together. I never understood the benefits of co-sleeping and honestly haven't done a ton of research on the topic so I'm strictly speaking from our experience. Owen has clearly wanted to sleep with us the past few months and for the first month or two I fought it. For the normal reasons I'm assuming people do. We have a crib, we have space for Owen separate from ours (and a lot of it!), Zack and I could use the space for just the two of us at night, the list goes on and on. When Owen was first born we would rock him to sleep and put him down in his bassinet and then when he got a little older - his crib. There were nights where he would sleep with us, but they were few and far between. Right around the time we went to Mexico this march something seemed to shift with Owen. He didn't want to be rocked anymore, woke immediately when you placed him in his crib, and he started waking up more frequently through the night. I'm blaming it on that four month sleep regression, but regardless we felt the effects and like i said, i fought the good fight. I would spend at least hour every night trying to put him to sleep. I would rock him despite the clear signs that he wasn't having it and after sweat and sometimes tears (for us both) i would finally get him to sleep in my arms, only to lay him down in the crib and have to start the process all over again. It was frustrating and stressful and made bedtime a dreaded part of my day. Then something finally clicked. Zack was out of town and i just didn't have the energy that particular night and i decided that maybe it was best for owen just to sleep with us. My thoughts were he's growing and changing so much right now, is sleeping with us really the worst scenario? So i gave it a shot. I tried putting him down straight into our bed, put on his playlist, and laid there with him. I didn't rock him, i didn't try to lay him in his crib, i just let him move around until he got comfortable on our bed and stayed there until he fell asleep, and then of course surrounded him with pillows until i made my way back to bed. Like magic putting him to sleep was cut in half. We're still working on our night time wake ups, but having him in bed with us makes it much easier through the night to nurse and go right back to sleep. I realize there are people who are concerned with rolling over on their children or for their romantic lives, but those two areas just aren't an issue for us. This is comfortable for us now, and i am just learning that things will consistently change for owen as he grows and as we grow as parents. Sometimes you struggle and sometimes you throw your hands in the air and say whatever works. I'm confident this won't last too long, but i'm willing to keep him right there in bed with us while he needs it. 

But these sheets, the ones in the photograph. Oh. My. Goodness. I've never indulged in a nice set of sheets. I mean i think my last set of sheets cost me $20, but i recently came across snowe on instagram and admired their aesthetic so much that reached out to them about working together. The sell a variety of items for your home that i thought you all might enjoy. They explained their design intentions best in an e-mail exchange i had with one of their founders, rachel. She said, "our products are the jeans and white t-shirt of the home". And they truly are - they sell the staples that we all need, but at a higher quality. After chatting a bit they suggested sending some sheets my way so that i could host a giveaway for my readers and zack and i were both so excited. What a freaking treat! These sheets are truly heavenly, and despite having a pretty rocky week, we've all slept so great on them. I tend to put myself last when it comes to purchases, and i know a lot of us moms do. Luckily this one has the potential to benefit you and your significant other, or in my case my 7 month old as well. Haha. But, if there is anyone out there looking for a last minute mother's day gift head on over to snowe's site. Or swing on by my instagram to enter the giveaway! You won't regret it. 

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