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Red Hook

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment


We headed out to Red Hook for the first time a couple weekends ago and fell in love with the area. It's a little trickier to get to since it's not accessible strictly by the subway, but it's surprisingly close to our neighborhood. We took an Uber early on a Saturday morning with amy and grabbed breakfast, explored a bit, and naturally amy took some photos. You can definitely get to the area by the subway and then the bus, but we were feeling a little lazy so an Uber it was. Red hook is one of those neighborhoods that hasn't hit it's gentrification peak which makes it a little more affordable than some other areas, and honestly a little sleepier which we appreciated. It's right on the water giving you views of the New York bay. We visited Fort Defiance , which I will go more in to detail on tomorrow, Widow Jane Distillery, Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie , and had our eyes set on Sunny's Bar for our next visit.  

Photography by Amy Frances