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Date Night (at Home)

MotherhoodHailey Andresen2 Comments

Zack and I have had the pleasure of our friends over at kitchensurfing visiting our home a couple times over the past few weeks. It has been the perfect Friday night date night in without the stress of taking Owen out and about or having to cook (or clean!) at home. The meal photographed was from this past Friday. Chef Chris arrived at 6, cooked, served us, cleaned, and was out the door by 6:30. We ate together, yes, I said together, and no, I wasn't nursing at the same time! Owen was actually napping and I ate a warm meal. The meal itself was fantastic, but even more than that their service is just so dang convenient. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in one of the zip codes they serve. They recently expanded to Park Slope which is why we were able to sign up ourselves. Added bonus - these guys are offering your first week free - hello awesome. Just visit their site here to sign up and while you're there you can also learn a little more about how it works. 

What do you folks with newborns do in order to get some alone time with your partner? Maybe I'm just dreaming, but i'd like to think there's more ways than one!