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BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

Dumbo is one of those neighborhoods lots of vacationers end up in. It's on the water, it's one stop on the train to Manhattan, it has the gorgeous views of the city, you've got Brooklyn Bridge Park there, and it has those classic cobble stone streets in addition to incredible lofts. It's the perfect place to snag some photos without judgement because, well, most people are also doing the same. We had a shoot to do for Everlane so it we thought hey, this is a Brooklyn neighborhood too, lets feature it. Amy, Owen and I joined forces on the train and headed to Dumbo. We grabbed coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company, creeped around some alley ways to get the right shots and then went down to the water. There's something magical about this area that just gave us that gitty feeling like, "We live here! This is our city!", and those moments are always unbelievably special. A couple other favorites in the area; West Elm Market, Front General Store, and an obvious one - Shake Shack. Amy might have had to discourage me from wanting to get burgers at 10:30 in the morning. We came here on a Monday which was really nice and less crowded than it tends to get on the weekends - just a helpful tip if you're visiting!

Photography by Amy Frances