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A New Season

MotherhoodHailey Andresen2 Comments

Temperatures are in still the 90's here in New York, so the idea that fall is just around the corner is beyond me. Despite the weather, we are going to be experiencing some changes as a family over the next couple weeks and even more so as fall inches closer. It's bittersweet, but next week I will be wrapping up my job at Raggedy Threads to move towards completely freelance work from home. Finding my rhythm as a working mother has been an ongoing process, especially since Owen is with me whether I'm working outside or inside the house. During the first few months of Owen's life I worked from home and it was really difficult. As you know, those first few months nothing seems to be consistent and finding your groove as a mother is no joke. Plus, maintaining my identity when it felt like I rarely left the house was a struggle for sure. So, of course when the opportunity to work outside of the house with Owen presented itself I was thrilled. At that time I needed something to shake up my routine and make me put real pants on each day. This job was PERFECT. I was forced to get back in touch with myself, earn a living, and I didn't have to sacrifice my time with Owen. I will always be grateful to Jaime (the owner of Raggedy Threads) for giving us this opportunity. It truly has been one of the greatest gifts. 

But since Owen has become more mobile the fear of our days at the shop going as smoothly as they have up to this point has been in the back of my mind. What will happen when he's too big to baby wear (I think we're almost there at 22 pounds - haha) and I have to lug the stroller and him up and down the subway stairs by myself? How will I get him to cooperate and sit still once he's walking around and there are customers to take care of? How will commuting go in the winter? How will I keep him warm enough? What are my options when he's sick? How will I find time to socialize him? So many questions! Haha. I know some of these things, most of these things, probably would have worked themselves out, but when the opportunity to move back to working from home became a reality it felt like the right time again. Funny how the universe seems to find a way of making everything fall into place, huh? 

Needless to say, I'm really excited to see where this season takes us. Just like so many seasons of motherhood and the year, it looks different than any other we've experienced together. I'll have the opportunity to work while Owen naps as well as in the early mornings and later evenings when he's sleeping or when it's otherwise conducive to our schedule. So today I'm partnering with SWISSGEAR to show you what our transition into fall will look like. Rather than packing a bag with my work necessities, our backpack will be filled with the essentials for adventures like the park, playground or any of the wonderful activities this city has to offer. This backpack is super nice with tons of compartments to keep your electronics safe from potentially leaky bottles and the like. It's super cozy on your back and has plenty of space for everything you might need this fall. We will also have the opportunity to soak up some extra family time and potentially tag along on some of Zack's work trips which I am really looking forward to. You better believe this carry-on will come in handy. As always as I venture into uncharted territory for my family I question if this will be the best for Owen, but I continue to trust my gut. My gut has taken us this far and I'd like to think we're doing alright. Looking forward to these upcoming changes and our new adventure! 

This post was sponsored by SWISSGEAR

Photography by Amy Frances