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Family Visit

MotherhoodHailey AndresenComment

Amy took these photos shortly after my family arrived in New York. My parents and grandparents got here at the end of August and are sadly left this weekend. While part of me is ready to resume normal life, for Zack and I to get back to our schedules and our new routine with Owen, I am sad to see them go. It was such a blessing to have them all here for the end of my pregnancy, Owen's birth, and the first couple weeks of his life. They put up with me in those final weeks of pregnancy when I was crabby and difficult to be around, they all patiently camped out at the hospital for nearly 12 hours while I was in labor, loved on Owen, and helped us with the transition in to parenthood. I will forever be grateful that even though Zack and I picked up and moved across the country that most our family was able to make it out for such a life changing event. Zack's mom, Lori, was also here for two weeks through the end of my pregnancy and here for the birth of Owen. she was right along side my parents and grandparents for everything I mentioned above. My poor brother came a little too early and unfortunately missed the birth, but I know he was here in spirit. Owen just really decided to take his time and come a week late. Zack's brother Nick came in town for the night, naturally the night before I went in to labor, but I know he too was here in spirit. my sister in law, Riley, has practically been having a panic attack from across the country over not being here. It seemed as though it was an impossible event to time perfectly. 

I want to say thank you to each and everyone of our family members who made their way out to Park Slope in an attempt to be here for the birth of our first baby. Again, for Anthony and Nick, there is just no way of controlling these sort of things, and I will always be grateful that you guys made the effort to be here. That will always count in my book. For the grandparents and great-grandparents I cannot thank you enough. Your love and support has been so incredibly overwhelming. Owen is beyond lucky to have each and everyone of you in his life. I love being a part of the Callagy/Eslick family and the Andresen/Larkin family, and I have a feeling Owen will too. <3


Photography by Amy Frances