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Owen's First Trip to Manhattan

Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

Living in New York with a newborn has perks and challenges. Since we live in Brooklyn, and this is where Owen was born, I had been keeping track of the number of days, then the number of weeks since I had been in to the city. Before we got to a month or months I really wanted to take the plunge. We don't have a car (for good reason, believe me!) So that meant taking him on the subway. This whole event was slightly stressful to think about, but once I made it happen I couldn't have been happier that I did. Owen was such a champ, and has been ever since when it comes to Manhattan adventures. I know everyone has their own style of parenting, but Zack and I both come from the school of thought that your child enters your life - not the other way around. Of course, your world is forever different, but I strongly believe that you can make room (in most cases) in your pre-kid life for the newest addition to your family. There is so much in this incredible city that I want Owen, and myself and Zack for that matter, to be able to experience together. I know our style of parenting isn't for everyone, but we have really enjoyed taking Owen out and about as we soak up our first fall as New Yorkers. And, I really think it's helping Owen become more of a go with the flow baby. Any parent you talk to in Brooklyn or Manhattan tends to mention how their kids can sleep through anything considering we are all familiar to the constant noise of sirens, pedestrians, and the lovely honking that drivers can't seem to get enough of. But, I rarely hear people talk about how accessible this city can be with kids or babies. There is just too much happening in this city to stay at home all of the time. 

All photos by Amy Frances.