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Four & Twenty Blackbirds (Part One)

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

I think it's safe to say of all the coffee shops and bakeries I visited during my pregnancy, I spent the majority of my time at Four and Twenty Blackbirds. When I was ready for a little outing with Owen it was only natural that I made Four and Twenty one of our first stops. We met my friend Ana, who runs Lucky Penny Blog, and her daughter Edie for pie and coffee one morning last month. Mostly we just watched how cute Edie was with Owen. It's been so interesting to see how little kids react to a newborn. They seem to love that there is something in the room smaller than them. And for Edie, she's already such a little mama bird.

Having friends like these guys who also have kids in the city has made the transition from pregnancy into motherhood so much easier. Of all my friends back home in Phoenix I am the only one who has a baby. These friends have been so supportive and incredible, but there's something to be said for having some friends who have been there. For me, most of these friends in New York, I met through instagram. How crazy is that? If you would have told me prior to moving here that I would have actually met people from that app I would have laughed in your face. I have never been social media savvy. Zack makes fun of me for hardly being able to use Google properly. (I may or may not tend to click on the adds more often than not. Haha.) But truly, instagram has helped me form a group of friends in real life here. A mama tribe so to speak, and Ana is one of them. I'm so curious how people find their way in motherhood without these friends. These ladies have helped me in so many ways, starting by simply not letting me feel alone in the madness. I couldn't be more grateful.

While these photos are lovely, ( I mean come on, look how cute Edie and Owen are together!) I'm really excited to share part two with you where Amy had the chance to visit Four and Twenty Blackbird's offsite kitchen. She photographed the space like she was a fly on the wall and the photos turned out beautifully. Stay tuned. 

Photography by Amy Frances.