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The Nursery

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So everyones nursery is also their dining room, right? Right?! Living in new york, even in an apartment that i truly love, presents a unique set of challenges. Our apartment is technically a 1.5 bedroom. These french doors are the only doors that separate an exact room, and they consider where we have our bedroom set up the other half bedroom. If you're not familiar with our space you can view our set up before the nursery here. 

We have plenty of space here - 800 square feet to be exact, but our layout is a little funky. Although these french doors separate baby O's room from the rest of the major living space, our kitchen and bathroom are off of this bedroom as well. We've had our dining table set up here and have rarely closed these doors since moving in. When we began thinking of how we would incorporate the nursery in to this space we decided to keep the same mindset we had when we first moved in - keep it simple. I am obviously aware that kids are messy and that this space won't always look this beautiful or clean, but with such an open set up that is also organized I feel like we can make our best attempt at eliminating some of the clutter. We decided to keep the table where it was and we are aiming to keep the doors open so that the space isn't completely separated by the nursery. Considering this and the face that the baby's gender is a surprise we wanted to keep the colors neutral and buy furniture that blended well with what we already had.

In the bookcase and on the changing table on the right of the room we have O's clothing, towels, blankets, diapers, and so on. You name it, it's in one of those baskets you see. To the left of the bookcase we have a rocking chair that we can use to rock Owen or Olive to sleep, but it is also low enough for he or she to use when they are old enough. There's a large basket there for toys as well. On the left side of the room we have the crib set up as well as a built in bookcase where we have o's little book collection started. Obviously, as the baby grows we will need more and more storage, but we didn't want to start off with more than we needed. We are taking everything as it comes. Both with the nursery and with parenting in general. I am well aware that for most people this isn't the perfect set up, but for us, we wouldn't have it any other way. We are excited to have such an open layout with a newborn, where we also have the option to shut the doors and make things a little quiet for the baby if necessary. I have every intention of sharing the improvements and changes we make over time, and i would love to hear any suggestions you have for raising a baby in a small space. I can tell you since taking these pictures we have a darling little mobile with stars and a moon that we need to hang above the crib, and that as soon as we get any more clothing were going to need more storage. O's nursery is going to be an ongoing project, but I love our little start.

Photography by Amy Frances