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Toy Share with Green Piñata Toys

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I know what you’re thinking, cute wooden toys, but they’re so expensive right?! And I get it, I really do. We are on a tight budget ourselves and we have to be certain that anything we’re bringing in our home is worth it. We need to have space for it, but more importantly it needs to be something that will be used, loved and if I have it my way, something that’s a little easier on the eyes. We’ve been fortunate enough to get some wonderful hand me down toys from friends, have even been gifted a number of toys from companies I’ve worked with in the past, and we bought a handful right around Christmas time for Owen. The ones you see here are part of a toy share subscription from Green Piñata Toys, but let me back up. To put it simply I fell in love with their concept when I found myself making large and pricey checklists of toys for Owen that we just couldn’t afford. After moving forward and making a couple of these hefty purchases there was also no guarantee that Owen would even like the toys I picked out. Green Piñata Toys to the rescue! These guys are offering an alternative without having to settle on quality.

So here’s how it works, you fill out the form on their website to get started. They ask you a few questions about your little one so that they can send the most age appropriate toys your way. Each month you pay $24.99 and receive up to 5 toys in your box (shipping is free, the plan is billed monthly and you can cancel at anytime). You will receive a confirmation email with their top suggestions at the start of your subscription - if you don’t like what they’ve selected for your first month or your child already has one of the toys you have the option to swap them out for something else. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription the toys are sent directly to your door. They make sure to sanitize all their toys, and make sure to provide not only toys that are safe but ones' that will continue to promote your child’s development as the months go by. They have made a massive effort to use products that are environmentally conscious whenever possible which is A++++ if you ask me.

Once you receive your subscription you have the month to enjoy and try out the toys they’ve sent. If you and your little one decide that you just can’t part with one, or two, or three, or four, or five - no problem. You can keep the toy(s) and Green Piñata Toys will charge the card on file making this a great way to test run some of the best toys out there without the financial commitment. Whatever toys you do wish to return you place back in the box that was shipped to you and head on over to your local UPS to mail the box out or schedule a pick up (they provide you with the shipping label for your return). They also have the option to gift a subscription which might just be the best gift ever!

This post was sponsored by Green Piñata Toys.


Photography by Amy Frances