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Growing a Window Garden

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Living in New York puts you in a position where nearly everything is at your finger tips. I, for one, make every attempt possible to purchase my veggies, herbs, fruit, breads (pretty much anything they will sell me) from the local farmers market. This comes easy with numerous markets each and every day, but there is something to be said for growing your own at home. This can be difficult. Most of us don't have access to a backyard. If we are lucky we have a small fire escape or ledge off a window where we can grow our own window garden. This particular window garden is in the home or fire escape of our photographer, Amy. Since I have a very similar set up I figured I would pick her Household's brain and share what I found with you all. Here is what you need to know to create your own. 

1. Find a box like this one, or make your own. please note that while this one has separators it is not necessary to find one or build one just like this.

2. Visit your local gardening store and purchase your soil and seeds or plants. If you don't have a small hand shovel for gardening I would pick one up as well. For my window box I am choosing to go with plants rather than seeds. adjust accordingly if you're choosing seeds. 

3. Fill the bottom of your box with enough soil so that when you place your plants in you will have just over an 1" of space between the top of your soil and the top of the box. 

4. Remove your plants from their plastic containers. Break up the soil & roots just a bit with your fingers. 

5. Place each of your plants in to the box and add additional loose soil around each of your plants to hold them in place. The top of your soil should end up fairly even with about an 1" of space between the top of the soil and the top of the box. 

A couple notes from Amy's household. 

1. Keep an eye out for raccoons and squirrels who will try to eat your delicious garden. 

2. Keep your box garden in a place with good light and be sure to water it regularly. Clive, Amy's nephew, likes to water theirs with squirt guns to make this chore a little more fun! 

All photography by amy frances.