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Happy 6 Months Owen!

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Once you're a parent every person will stop you, grab you by the arm, and tell you that it goes by so fast. For me, because I feel like this happens daily, I typically give them a half smile while saying I know, and then an eye roll once they walk away. But despite my bad manners, I'm here to tell you that they are all right - each and everyone of them. While my pregnancy seemed to drag to the point I was convinced I was just always going to be pregnant, raising Owen has truly flown by. The fact that he's six months old today blows my mind. We have reached such a fun age. He's got such a little personality. He laughs at nearly everything, gives kisses (open mouth slobbery kisses, the best kind right?), seems to truly react to music especially if we try to dance with him, is scooting around on his tummy but isn't crawling quite yet, sits up long enough to actually play with a toy while doing so, but not long enough for me to leave his side, sucks his thumb, is desperately trying to speak, and is just becoming such a little boy. I want to freeze time and soak up these baby moments because before we know it I will be writing a post similar to this for his first birthday where he will likely be walking and talking and getting into everything.

Now that we are at the six month mark we've tried a variety of skin products, toys, clothing brands, and diapers. When Owen was first born, and even now I continue to be on the look out for recommendations for nearly everything. Aren't there just so many choices? It can truly be overwhelming. The diapers Owen is sporting here are from Bambo Nature Diapers. Now we've tried Pampers Swaddlers, Honest Diapers, some questionable diapers in Mexico when we ran out, and of course, Bambo Nature Diapers. We've haven't had any real issues when it comes to any of the brands mentioned, but I can tell you that I feel the best about purchasing diapers from Bambo. When it comes to day to day use, not only is the fit great and are the diapers thin and easy for Owen to move around in, but we've experienced zero skin irritation. On a larger scale, Bambo has been in the business of making certified safe and eco friendly diapers for over 25 years. Find out a little more about their stats here, and if you'd like to give their diapers a try they are offering 25% off for my readers. Simply use the code bambohh25 when you check out. One-time use only (so stock up!) - valid through 6/30/15.

Photography by Amy Frances

This post was sponsored by Bambo Nature Diapers