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Home Before Baby-O

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This March my husband and I sold 95% of everything we owned and headed east to New York City. After a month in corporate housing in mid-town Manhattan we chose Park Slope, Brooklyn as the neighborhood we would settle down and raise Baby-O. After getting rid of what felt like so much "junk", We made it a goal to only purchase things we needed and loved. We felt like especially with a baby on the way that the less clutter we could avoid the better. Considering we are bargain shoppers at heart, we ended up with a good amount of furniture from Ikea & Overstock. But, we really splurged on our first grown up couch & desk from Crate & Barrel - a couple pieces I hope we have for a very long time. After visiting casper's incredible showroom we ended up with a mattress which is by far our favorite purchase we made. 

When it came to decorating we wanted the walls to remain white and the windows to be curtain/blind free. Any art that you see on the walls was either made by myself (This is Water, LET IT GO & the yarn hangings), and everything else is either handmade or vintage. We we're able to ship our books when we moved so those add pops of color in addition to the plants, which were a must have for me coming from the desert. The climate there made it incredibly difficult to keep things alive so I was looking forward to having lots of plants in our new home. We wanted to create a clean, simple, and peaceful space to bring baby-O into the world in and to have as our little oasis in this crazy busy and hectic city. 

The idea of only purchasing things we need or love has especially applied to our kitchen. Since the space is only 36-square-feet there is no room for anything but the essentials. Luckily, we have tons of cabinet space, but we are always trying to be mindful. We have just enough dishes, glassware and cutlery as we do seats for our dining room table. We wanted simple white dishes and glasses to keep everything as clean looking as possible. It's inevitable that dishes are going to be out and showing, but at least with the neutral colors it keeps things from looking too chaotic. 

We are so happy with the decisions we have made with our little space and are excited to share how we incorporate our nursery into the mix as we get closer to our September due date!

All photography by amy frances.