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At Home with Zack & I

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Traveling is truly one of my most favorite things to do, but after a few weeks of it, and a baby on the way, I was ready to be home with Zack. Now our only event on the agenda aside from our everyday lives here in NY, is to get ready for this baby to come. By the time you are reading this, it will just be over ten days until I'm due. Wow! I have been so grateful for such a healthy pregnancy, baby, and the best partner in crime for this whole process. I truly can't imagine having this baby with a better man, friend or husband. Just this past weekend we toured the hospital and took our birthing classes. We are getting the nursery set up, my bag packed, and picking up the rest of the odds and ends we might be missing. Although I keep thinking to myself we must be missing something! All I can keep thinking to myself is that if there is something we are missing it's not the end of the world, and we will figure it out then and there. right? :) 

Amy took these photos of us the same day she did my solo maternity shots. She asked us all the mushy questions and naturally, made me cry as she had Zack and I tell her about our relationship, the baby, and the future of our little family. As you can see she asked us questions that made us laugh as well, and did such an incredible job at capturing us in our home before Baby-O is here. Thank you Amy! We love you. 

Photography by amy frances