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This month I thought I would kick off a new series where I share all my newest household staples. I get a lot of people asking me where I've bought certain items in my home, so why not dedicate a post to it? Now a lot of these items were gifted to me, which is one of the incredible perks of blogging and social media. These are items I was already planning to purchase, was saving up for, or unexpectedly fell in love with after learning about the company. I like to be transparent with you all - it's my personality to be upfront. Some of you might not like the fact that the majority of these pieces were given to me and that's okay, but I don't want anyone beating themselves up because they don't have the perfect items in their home. I feel really lucky that through my creative outlet (Household Mag.) I am able to work with companies like these ones to provide them with photography and promotion to hopefully help their businesses grow, meanwhile sprucing up our space. These are companies and products I believe in and think you might like them too! You will never find something in this series that I don't actually love. So check out the list at the bottom of the post if you're interested in reading more about the individual companies or want to purchase one of my favorites! Any item that was gifted is marked with an asterisk. As always, thanks for taking the time to read here. 

1. Nature's Candles - Make your own essential oil combination candle of choice here. Mine are bergamot & orange and lavender & tea tree. They smell SO good! *

2. Miro Made This - The vase holding the eucalyptus was made by Miro and while it isn't available at this time, you are bound to find something in her shop. I worked with Miro in Phoenix and her products are too gorgeous not to share with you. This and the wall hanging above my bed are the only household items that made their way to New York from Phoenix aside from our books. 

3. Plum & Sparrow - The palm leaf shopper basket holding my blankets & the market basket holding Owen's toys are from these guys. I Wish I would have come across this company before Owen was born so I could purchase their moses basket! *

4. Soma - The gorgeous water filter is from this wonderful company. They have two styles, but I went with this one. * 

5. Jute Crafter - This sturdy and affordable plant hanger has transformed out little dining area. One of my best Amazon purchases to date. 

6. Meus Shop - The open palm plate on my nightstand and the basket on my dining table came from this lovely shop. Beware, you will want EVERYTHING here! *