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Hey guys, this is only the second month of this series so if you want a little more back story please head back to the first post. Otherwise enjoy looking over some of my favorite new and old additions that make our space feel like home! Everything is listed with sources below. 

1. & 2. Yellow Fox Co. Mount Zion Shelf. Emily and I came across one another's accounts on Instagram just a month or so ago before deciding to share her shop with you here. I am proud to hang her creations in our household. They're not only are they affordable, but they're made and designed well. She also made the Stay Wild Pennant you see in Owen's play area which is unbelievably perfect. Go support this lovely lady!*

3. Common Good. Bergamot Linen Water. This stuff is the best! You can use it to reduce wrinkles and what not, but I've been loving spraying it on our bed right before we get in. It gives you that freshly washed sheet feel, even if your sheets haven't been freshly washed. Plus, this company is incredible. As parents these guys were super concerned with the cleaning product recycling piling up and the ingredients in those products and they actually did something about. Read more about their awesome company and purchase their goods here.*

4. The Citzenry. Siempre Lumbar Pillow. This pillow is cozy and adorable. We were in need of another throw pillow for our couch and this was the sweetest treat to receive! The Citzenry is an incredible online shop that cuts out the middle man. They go directly to the source to establish sustainable relationships with their artisans. They believe your home should tell a story and each of their products have their own little story tell. It's lovely.*

5. Cheerily. Personalized Flag Bunting. Cheerily was one of the first shops I worked with on Instagram and I just adore all of her shop selections and this bunting is no exception! Lorna has been one of the greatest business owners to work with on projects like this one, and for someone who doesn't have kiddos her eye for children's merchandise is spectacular. Swing on by her shop!*