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Kristen’s home is right there at the top of my list as far as home crushes go. I first came across her and her home through instagram and then found her blog, which I truly appreciate for so many reasons. I admire how simple she has kept her home considering she has three little ones, yet there is still evidence of children living in her home. I think it makes things feel that much more cozy to see a basket of toys in the living room or her daughter Eleanor's adorable pink room that just about any 8 year old girl would swoon over. I might be a city dweller, but there is so much to love about homes like Kristen's.

I've read a lot recently about women having a hard time on instagram and with blogs as well. I get it. It can be difficult at times not to compare yourself on a hard day to what appears to be someone's perfect life through an app. My idea of sharing inspiring spaces has the complete opposite intention. Plenty of us follow people on the internet we have never met in real life. We do this for a reason. Wether we have established a long distance friendship, enjoy someone else's photography, their insight on motherhood, or even the way they style their home. We follow because we find some aspect of their life inspiring, or that's at least why we should follow along in my opinion. My goal here is not for you to sit and compare your home to these homes, but to be inspired as I often am. As the quote goes, "Comparison is the thief of joy". So as I look at Kristen's beautiful home I don't compare, but rather admire. Thank you for sharing love! Remember to tag your photos with #ourhousehold for a chance to be featured. 


Photography by KRISTEN