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Okay, I'll say it - when I grow up I hope my home looks as put together as Ana's. There's still time for me, right?! Right? I first connected with Ana, the writer and creator of the blog Bluebird Kisses, through instagram and instantly fell in love with her home. Plus, I might have a lady crush on her too - she's a working mom of two, wife, blogger, and all around badass. I enjoy her refreshing outlook and her gorgeous photography so much, but I guess I should get back to her home since this is about inspiring spaces. ;) It's no secret that I'm a fan of white walls and clean spaces, but Ana's space for me is more about all the incredible details. I love all of her fixtures, the pops of color, and I've never been a particular fan of black cabinetry, but in her space it's so perfect. For more from Ana visit her instagram and her blog - where you can find the rest of her social channels.


All photography by Bluebird Kisses (Ana!)