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Two words you very rarely hear in Brooklyn - outdoor space. Okay, I know some of you have backyards or patios here in Brooklyn, but I am not one of those lucky folks and have very few friends with said space. But if you're out there, seriously come out, come out wherever you are friends! ;) As summer approaches there's a big part of me that would love to have some outdoor space to host dinners and what not, but for now I'll live vicariously through Mary Lauren's space. If you want to really torture yourself there are more photos here from their Easter celebration. Hah! So dreamy. In addition to this beautiful outdoor space I truly admire what they've done with their cozy beach house. Even with her son running around things seem to have their place without the space feeling too cluttered. This is something I am striving to maintain as Owen gets older and I imagine his belongings will only continue to take over our space more and more. Any of you have suggestions for this?

For those of you who aren't familiar, Mary is the curator and author of Headed Somewhere, a blog where she writes about interior design, baking and cooking, travel, fashion, and motherhood. I admire her sense of style across the board and highly recommend checking her blog and instagram out if you haven't already. She even sells her adorable prints you see photographed here in her etsy shop. Don't forget to use the tag #ourhousehold for a chance to be featured, and thank you Mary for letting me feature your space!

All photography by Mary Lauren