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Nina and her family of four live just outside New York City in Newburgh, NY. They own a beautiful 1860's home and have lived there for almost a year. Nina and her husband Ryan have done a complete renovation from floor to ceiling - all of the electric and plumbing was ripped out, she explained to me that the attic was more like a crawl space and they even had a hole in the ceiling of their kitchen that extended to their basement floor. Their home was previously split into four apartments so they had to knock down quite a few walls which in combination with everything else is no doubt a ton of work. In the questionnaire I sent Nina she said, "I love that the space is our own - from the white plywood floors we nailed and painted ourselves to the hand scraped ceilings. We put a lot of sweat into our home, and everything has our handprint on it." 

As you can probably gather from these images, Nina and Ryan love antiques. Ryan is actually an antique dealer and everything in their home has come from one sort of flea market or another. When I asked Nina what makes their house a home she responded, "Because we are constantly buying and selling pieces, in and out of our home we truly feel that our family is what makes our house a home. Everything has a price and objects are fleeting. We don't have very much that's sentimental to us... it's all about good old fashion love." 

Follow along with Nina and her family on Instagram to track the progress of their renovations and to get a glimpse into their NY life.