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Maternity Photos

PregnancyHailey AndresenComment

I want to use this as an opportunity to give a true testimonial to Amy Frances and her photography. We work together weekly, if not daily, on photos, but to have her capture something so personal and close to my heart has been so special. Throughout my pregnancy I have been amazed by the fact that my body is able to grow and carry another human. Can we just talk about the fact that with a few dietary adjustments most women are able to grow a baby?! I don't know if I will ever comprehend that fully, but go us! That being said, I have gone through waves of being uncomfortable in this new body as well. There are days where nothing fits right, you can hardly see your feet, and it's just tough to move around. With these photos amy has given me such a gift. I will forever be able to look back on these and see the confidence I have in my own skin despite the tough moments. To say that I'm excited to meet this baby would be an understatement. Life is going to be changing for the better so soon here. Thank you amy for bringing this time in our lives to life with your photography. We will cherish these pictures forever!

All photography by Amy Frances