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Day Dreaming about the Greek Islands

TravelHailey AndresenComment

Is it just me or is everyone on vacation but me? Haha. I'm not complaining, okay maybe a little bit, but life is wonderful and I'm as busy as can be work wise which I'm beyond grateful for. So back to complaining, seeing everyones photos on Instagram of their tropical vacations led me to browsing the internet for vacation rentals, which led me to Kid & Coe's site, which lead me to all these gorgeous properties in the Greek Islands. I never knew I wanted to visit the Greek Islands until today but wow, I really want to go. Even if I never leave my rental. Hah! I have yet to stay at one of Kid & Coe's properties, but what seems to be really incredible about them is that they are all family friendly. They have plenty of large and gorgeous properties like this, and some smaller ones as well. There really is something for every price point on their site. Book marking these for my future vacation to the Greek Islands, and then checking out some others for my next more than likely domestic vacation. ;) Hope you're all having a happy summer! Click each image to view the full property. 

All photos via Kid & Coe