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Letter to O: 8 Months

Owen DrewHailey AndresenComment


We just wrapped up nearly two weeks of visitors between your Grammy and Grandpa Ken and your Gam. I doubt you will need a reminder despite how many years have gone by from the time I am writing this, but kid, you are beyond loved. Living across the country from our family and the majority of our friends can truly be difficult at times for your dad and I. At this point you don't know any different, and maybe this will always be a part of your life, or maybe it will change at some point, but regardless your Grandparents all love you beyond measure. It's such an incredible feeling for your dad and I to see someone else light up the way we do when you eat something new, make a new expression, dance when you like a song, laugh uncontrollably, or just to have someone else take an interest in the consistency of your poop changing. Hah! Your grandparents all take to you in their own ways and it's so interesting to watch. I can only imagine the intense love they have for you, the child of their child. I can't speak for your dad, but watching Grammy and Grandpa Ken with you brings back memories of my own childhood and I know it simultaneously does the same for them. They're reminded of books they read to myself and your Uncle Tony, games we would play, snacks we loved, toys we played with endlessly, and the care that goes into having a child under the age of one. As for me, there's obviously a new sense of appreciation that comes for your own parents and your in-laws after you yourself become a parent. You just GET it. You understand why they worry, why they came down on you when you made mistakes, why they push you to always be your best, why they told you not to take shit from anyone, why they said, "Because I said so!", why they insisted that you call when you get where you're going, and why they said, "You'll understand one day when you have kids." I understand now. It has come full circle, and one day it just might for you too. But until then, know that you are lucky to have such incredible grandparents. They are killing it when it comes to being in your life despite the distance. They care for you like they are right next door and always will. 

Some 8 month updates for you:

1. You have two teeth!

2. You aren't full on crawling, but you've got the Army crawl down. So damn close. 

3. You love carbs! SHOCKER. Haha. You literally cry when we take a french fry, bagel, or pizza crust from your hand. (Only because you have gnawed it to death and we don't want you to choke!) Don't worry - you're getting healthy foods down too. ;) You especially love hummus and cucumbers and bananas. 

4. You just started giving hugs and are all about open mouth slobbery kisses. It's the BEST. 

5. You haven't been weighed since you were sick last month, but you're wearing 12 month old clothing if that's any indication of your size. 

6. Last night was our first night with your crib and our bed in the same room. Probably should have done it a long time ago considering you have been co-sleeping for a bit and taking up the majority of the bed, but you slept all night in your crib so I'm crossing my fingers this is the right rearrangement! 

7. You still listen to the same playlist every night that you have since you were a newborn, and still love to dance to as inappropriate hip-hop. Hah. You really enjoy music already which makes me so happy. 

8. You just started doing this new high pitched laugh where you open your mouth, close you eyes and it's hilarious. Makes me laugh despite my mood. 

9. You love Jack. I knew this day would come where you were super excited about your puppy, and it's so fun. He's incredibly tolerant while you pull on his tail and ears. It's adorable. 

10. You have the BEST grandparents. 

Over and out,