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Letter to Owen : Two Months

Owen DrewHailey AndresenComment


Today you turned two months old. Part of me can hardly believe it, and another part of me feels like you've always been part of our gang. It would be an understatement to say that being your mom is already the greatest joy of all. I keep telling myself I don't know how most newborns are, but it's no secret that you are one of the happiest, easiest babies around. Our mornings start with you waking up somewhere around 7am (thank you!), you eat and then you're up and super awake. I sing or read to you, we play little games, you try your hardest to talk, and if you wake up after your dad has left for work we send him a video of you. Lets hope he's saving them all somewhere! Depending on how tired I am I get the both of us dressed and take a walk to find coffee for myself. You love being outside so much that you fight to stay awake despite how cozy you are in your wrap as we make our way to our neighborhood spot. I normally sit and enjoy my coffee there because at this point you've fallen asleep. I listen to you make the cutest grunty noises in your sleep as you dream and truly wonder how I got so damn lucky. We make our way home and you normally wake back up. Sometimes I can trick you into continuing your nap, but I think you're on to the fact that i’d like to shower, and that’s okay with me. We have officially reached a sweet spot where you are rarely ever fussy. You only get upset when you're hungry, and rightfully so – like mother like son! Throughout the day it's a rotation of feeding you, feeding myself, attempting to get that shower in, working on my recruiting job, working on Household stuff, cleaning (it tends to get messy with the blink of an eye each day), playing, napping (for you), and hanging out with our pup jack. You spend quite a bit of time awake sitting in your swing while I work with a big smile on your face (most days!). When your dad comes home he comes straight to you and gives you all the love. I know it kills him to be at work all day while we get to hang out together, but i can't tell you how grateful i am for him and the fact that i get to be right here with you. It's a new balance for your dad and i, and even through our struggles with each other i am so proud of how they never affect the way we love you. Once your dad is home we start to figure out our plans for dinner. Most nights he cooks for us and you and I play a little more. After your dad and I eat dinner, you eat, we spend sometime together as a family, and once your eyes start to get a little red we put you to sleep. We lay you in the center of our bed and turn on your noise machine, your projector (we call it your movie), we sing you songs from your playlist, and your dad holds your right hand and I hold your left until you are fast asleep. You sleep here until about 10 or 11 when you’re ready to eat again. In that time while you’re sleeping your dad and I try to get some quality time in together or even just take out time for ourselves. We are both so aware of how important it is to nurture our relationship and each other in order to be the best parents to you. But you make it so easy Owen. You really do. Your dad and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better baby when we started trying to have you almost two years ago now. I hope I am able to be the mom you deserve and that we give you the foundation for a happy life. My mind begins to race when I think of where you’ll be when you are actually reading this. I have to slow myself down and take it day by day. Not because it’s not exciting to think about you as a young man, but because I don’t want to miss this. I don't want to miss you sleeping so peacefully next to me, your big smiles and giggles in the morning, your sweet cuddles, or even your farts and burps and little pouty bottom lip. You’ve got me wrapped around your finger kid, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you more than you could ever imagine.