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Letter to Owen: 4 Months

Owen DrewHailey AndresenComment


As I read through the letters both your dad and I have each written so far it’s crazy how much of each of our personalities shine through our individual letters. Your dad is unbelievably talented at observing the bigger picture and sharing that with you. This is something I count on him to always do for you considering I tend to focus (maybe too much) on the details. As I write your letters I constantly question myself. Is this important to document? Will Owen care about the minutia of our days? I struggle with that, but maybe, just maybe, these are the moments that would easily be forgotten if it weren’t for these letters. I know I will look back and read them with tears in my eyes as we remember the days you were just four months old.

A few things I don’t want to forget; your unbelievably heartwarming belly laugh, your ability to go with the flow, your curiosity for anything and everything, how you grab your toes and bring them to your mouth, how you chew on anything you can get your hands on (tonight was my bread at dinner, although I may have encouraged it), the way you scrunch up your nose when you smile, how incredibly chubby you are, that baby smell (I know, real original), the way you are easily comforted by both myself and your dad, and how you know, and  I mean really know, that it’s us – you recognize us and that’s such a special feeling, how much you babble on and on, how peacefully you sleep, how freaking happy you are 99% off the time, your love for music, & how much everyone in your life loves you.

In just a few short weeks things are going to change for you and I . An old friend of mine is opening a vintage shop in Williamsburg, and I’m going to be working for her. I was employed by her in college at her spot in la at a time where I really needed it. Not only did I need the money, but as I ran the shop, I was able to complete all of my sewing projects and other homework. And now, just like magic, she’s opening a store here when I need it again. It’s the perfect set up for us. Not only is jaime like family, but you will be coming with me to work every day, there is plenty of space for you to play, nap, and explore. There’s even a backyard that I can already imagine you taking some of your first footsteps in. I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home for your grandpa this past year. And while I couldn’t be more grateful that I was able to do so, he understands just as well that this is what is best for us now. I have to admit that it really does feel like the right time to make a change. We both seem to do better when we are out and about, and well, the idea that  I can contribute to our income, work out of the house, and be with you every day almost seems too good to be true.I really believe that taking the train each day and exposing ourselves to new people and creating a second place to call home in jaime's shop will be beneficial for us both. Of course, as your mother, I  am crossing my fingers that I'm doing what's right for you. I know now that it’s far too easy for me to get comfortable at home, and I can already see how that could be negative for us both. I am hopeful that this will allow me to be a more attentive mother, encourage us to be a little more active, and challenge us to learn more about this wonderful city we love and have the opportunity to call home. So excited for our next chapter bubba.