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First Outing without Owen

Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

A few weeks ago I mustered up the courage to leave Owen at home with Zack for just a few hours and indulge in brunch with Amy. Those few hours were filled with emotion and were mostly spent looking at pictures of the little guy and chatting about him. (Thank you Amy for letting my baby rule our lives. Haha.)

The first time you choose to take a little time for yourself as mother is such a personal choice. I had posted something about it on instagram and there were lots of moms who shared wether or not they had done the same. It's a choice for each of us to make, and while it is hard to find separation in the beginning I feel like it's so important for both sides. I was able to walk out of the house without the diaper bag, give myself a break for a few hours, enjoy the company of a pal, and give Zack a few hours to bond with Owen on his own. That last one is a part I think a lot of moms forget about when they can't separate. It's important for dads too! We all tend to feel like wanting the other pieces are selfish, but it's not. It's healthy. Or I at least think so. I know we won't be able to make this happen all the time, but it's something I'm going to strive for every couple of weeks or so. Without family in the area it makes things a little tricky, but it's important for me to find time just for me. How do you all find the time? 

Photography by Amy Frances

Dress by Loyal Hana.