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Welcome Owen Drew!

Owen DrewHailey Andresen1 Comment

Owen Drew was born at 12:56am on Monday, September 21st. He was 7 pounds 5 ounces, 20 inches long and perfect as can be. I plan on sharing my full birth story in another post, but I thought I would start with these beautiful photos Amy took at the hospital. She has been there as part of our support system and as the official documenter all of the important moments through my pregnancy so it only made sense for her to be there at the hospital after Owen was born. I felt so bad for my dad on this day. He got sick and went to urgent care where they told him he needed to stay away from the baby for 24 hours until his antibiotics kicked in, so while I know he was there in spirit the photos you see are of my grandparents, Owen's great-grandparents, my mom, & Zack's mom. Plus the sleepy sleepy parents, Zack and I. More details to come, but I will say that this boy is pure magic. Hands down the best thing Zack and I have ever made together. The love is overwhelming and the mama feelings are just too much to even put in to words right now.