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It's Christmas Time in the City

MotherhoodHailey AndresenComment

Since I moved to New York in March I have been beyond excited to experience the city during the holidays. After all, Miracle on 34th Street is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, and here we are at the original Macy's on 34th Street. (kind of a childhood dream come true!) but I have to be honest, while the displays were beautiful, and the city has a whole new type buzz this time of year, I opted to do most of my christmas shopping online. Call it what you will - it's mostly due to laziness and procrastination, but I can't get over the convenience of doing all my shopping from home. Next year I hope to be a little more adventurous since Owen will be over a year, but maybe that will be even more difficult since he will be running around everywhere. Hah. Mamas, what are your tricks for involving your kiddos in the holidays and still getting things done? I'm taking notes for next year!


Photography by Amy Frances.