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Our Newborn Essentials

Owen DrewHailey AndresenComment

1. Swaddle blankets. This is probably a given, but we have loved these and so has little Owen.

2. Pampers Swaddlers. These have a little yellow stripe on the front that turns blue when the diaper is wet. Super convenient for sleepy babies you don't want to wake unless necessary.

3. These little onesies have fold over cuffs to prevent self scratching when you purchase them in the newborn size. So much easier than trying to keep the little mitts on them.

4. The rock-n-play sleeper. This thing rules. Such a nice tool to have for getting ready or doing anything around the house.

5. The Solly baby wrap. I have this to thank for any meal or cup of coffee I've had outside of the home. Truly one of my favorite baby gifts we received! 

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