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Breakfast Yogurt Pops

Food + DrinkHailey Andresen2 Comments

Hey guys! I've seen a million popsicle recipes floating around the internet lately and I actually rounded up a few breastfeeding friendly ones that I was salivating over on Well Rounded NY today. After digging into so many recipes I really had the itch to make them myself. I took a look at our fridge last night and saw preserves and maple yogurt. What else goes with that? Granola. So that's that. They were super easy and I'm really looking forward to being extra lazy in the mornings and having these for the next few days! This recipe made 4 pops. Feel free to triple it if you're going for a dozen or to scale back if you want less than 4. 


12 ounces maple yogurt

3 tablespoons of peach preserves

Couple handfuls of Kind Snacks Vanilla Blueberry Clusters with Flaxseeds


Combine your yogurt, preserves and granola in a large mixing bowl. I used store bought preserves, but you can always make your own preserves using this recipe here

Simply pour into your molds, set popsicle sticks in and place in the freezer at night to enjoy for breakfast the next morning!