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Prospect Heights

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

With this new series Amy and I are hoping to expose our readers to different neighborhoods in Brooklyn and to also create a little map of places we enjoy in those neighborhoods. The plan is to feature a neighborhood each month and then a business within that neighborhood. On Friday you will find our post on Gold Star Beer Counter, which is such an incredible spot, but I 'll go on and on about that on Friday. For now lets talk about Prospect Heights. I get messages all the time from folks who are traveling to New York on what places I think they should check out. So many of the neighborhoods I find myself in daily I never visited while traveling to New York so that is typically where my suggestions stem from. The reason these areas are new to me is mainly because so many of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn are a little more residential than the spots you tend to visit. While  I 'm grateful to be experiencing these neighborhoods now, I really wish I could go back in time and visit them as well. I'm not overly knowledgable about the history of Prospect Heights, but you can read a little more about that here. What I know about this neighborhood is that there are so many unbelievable gems, not to mention the Brooklyn Art Museum, the botanical gardens, the public library, and Prospect Park all in this area. While this definitely isn't necessarily a tourist neighborhood it provides a lot to see for those who are traveling and for New Yorkers to explore as well. After chatting with the owners of Gold Star Beer Counter Amy and I wandered over to Park Delicatessen, and to Covenhoven, where we grabbed another beer, and a build your own cheese & meat board which was A+++. 

Photography by Amy Frances