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Prospect Park Concerts

BrooklynHailey AndresenComment

Zack and I met a couple pals at Prospect Park to listen to Modest Mouse play for the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series. The show was sold out so we threw down a blanket just behind the concert area, were able to listen for free, and bring our own snacks. Kind of perfect, right? This picture above shows it clearly, but there were so many kids there! It made me so excited about the idea that we will still be able to go out and be social even with a small babe around. Since moving to Park Slope this April, I am constantly seeing evidence of this, but every time I experience it I get excited all over again.

Brooklyn locals - I would love to hear some of your favorite spots/activities to do both with your friends and your little ones. Shoot me an email at or comment here.

Photography by Amy Frances