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Avocado Toast for O & I

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I've been doing my best to incorporate Owen into mine or mine and Zack's meals without changing too much of what we are eating. Although, I have to say, it is making me so much more conscious and I've eaten better these past couple weeks than I have in awhile. Here is a simple avocado toast recipe that was easy to break apart the ingredients and give it to Owen too. He really enjoyed this and definitely was able to swallow a good amount which I think surprised him. It's gotta be a crazy feeling to get used to after strictly eating/drinking breast milk your whole life! Please be sure to do your own research if you're doing baby led weaning as well considering I am not expert on the subject and am simply just sharing our experience here.

O's Version


Half a slice of sourdough bread, sliced in 2" pieces

Two slices of avocado, with skin

Half a mini cucumber, with skin, sliced in 2" spears

*Owen has really enjoyed cucumbers. Keeping the skin/peel on has helped him maintain his grip and has allowed for him to gnaw on the softer side and ingest quite a bit. Once he has teeth I will switch this up, but since he can't break into the skin it's been perfect - plus it's a great teether! He pulled the avocado right off the skin this time. My guess is that the avocado was too ripe. I suggest cutting it into small enough pieces if it's that ripe so that it is not a choking hazard. Same with bread. He's really learning how to tear into things. You'd be surprised what he can do with his gums! I've just been watching him very carefully to make sure he's not getting pieces that are too big. The first week or two he was chewing and spitting out and now he seems to be trying to swallow more. 

Avocado Toast for Me


Two slices of sourdough toasted

Half an avocado, sliced and spread

Half a mini cucumber, chopped

Handful of red pepper flakes

Dash of salt & pepper