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As someone who is constantly putting together my own recipes I truly appreciate what any chef, baker, or bartenders is doing when they share a single recipe yet alone an entire book. But for whatever reason when I head into the kitchen I don't reach for a cookbook nearly as much as I should. This is something I want to change. The books below are our favorites on our shelf at the moment. Zack is much better at using them more regularly than I am. Are there any I should to check out? I tend to lean towards anything that's easy and simple. Or anything baked. I've really enjoyed baking since having Owen more than I ever did previously. Maybe that's because you aren't necessarily preparing it for a specific meal, it's a little more relaxed, and can be enjoyed over a few days. Plus, sweets. Need I say more? I don't think so! And if you don't have a favorite cookbook comment with your favorite food blogs. I'm always looking for new ones to follow.