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Do you guys remember the age your children really started taking to books? I don't necessarily mean I understanding the full storyline, but really looking at the images and becoming excited as your tone shifted throughout the story? This has just began for Owen and it's unbelievably fun to watch and makes reading stories to him that much more enjoyable. He's learning how to turn the pages and is constantly trying to grab at the different illustrations. It's adorable! We are HUGE book lovers. Aside from our clothing the only items that made their way to New York from Phoenix were our books (thank goodness for media mail), and just a couple super sentimental pieces. Needless to say, we always make room for books in our household and hope that Owen's love for books continues to grow.

This particular book is from, and their mission is to give parents creative superpowers to make magical and meaningful connections with your child through their personalized books. Lostmy.Name made this process unbelievably simple and easy. You simply visit their site, select the book you want (this is the one we chose), type in your kiddos name, their sex and select the avatar that best represents them. You can even add a dedication if you'd like! While I loved picking this up for Owen I feel like one of these books would be the perfect baby shower gift or birthday gift for any special little ones in your life. 

What have been some of your kids favorite books? We're always looking for more! 

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