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Summer Time Activities for Kiddos Under One

MotherhoodHailey Andresen2 Comments

Anyone else have a sweaty sweaty child? I swear this kid sweats more than anyone I know! With that in mind my goal for days off with Owen are typically to find fun activities to do outside of the house that are simultaneously keeping us cool. Below is my list for this summer. New Yorkers, please comment with your favorite spots! I'd love to hear them. 

1. Visit the Guggenheim on a stroller tour

2. Jane's Carousel. Can you believe we haven't done this yet? Yeah, me either. On it! 

3. Take advantage of cooler days and visit Prospect & Central Park for a picnic. 

4. Brooklyn Children's Museum. Apparently there's an area for babies under a year to move around. So fun! 

5. Go to the movies (say what!) there's a theatre in Manhattan that has a weekly movie for parents and babies. Hell to the yeah! 

6. Make more play dates. There's no excuse for this on my side of things. I've got a couple friends with kids close in age to Owen and I need to make more of an effort to put my checklist down and just relax on our days away from the shop! 

7. Check out babies & books at the Brooklyn Library! 

8. Visit Coney Island more. I can't get enough. It's the perfect escape! 

9. Early morning walks with the stroller when it's still cool out. Anyone else find it incredibly difficult to just get out the door some mornings? Somehow it's easier for me if were out of coffee and I'm on a mission, but I want to be better about getting out there and breathing in some fresh air before the heat sets in for the day. 

10. Visit the park more. Now that Owen is moving crawling there's no stopping him and it's so fun to watch him explore at the park. Plus, more mom friends. A++++