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Household Shop Updates

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We've added a few new items to the shop and wanted to take this chance to let you know and say thank you to those of you who have made a purchase and supported us! It's been so fun to see our household goods in your homes and I'm continually amazed at how incredible our customers are. With the holidays around the corner we'd love to hear what you'd like to see in the shop. Feel free to shoot an e-mail to or comment below! And don't forget to share your photos by using the #householdshop tag. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Photography by Amy Frances

Household Shop!

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It's finally here guys! After months of connecting with makers I admire, placing orders, photographing, and putting the actual listings together the shop's virtual doors are officially open! My goal with the shop is to only sell items you could find in our household focusing on goods for children, women and of course, home. Our selection might be small, but that's because I have taken the time to hand select a collection of goods I believe in. All of these items have either been favorites for awhile or are special collaborations with friends of mine and it goes without saying that I couldn't be more proud to be selling goods from such talented folks. Preview our household goods below or check out the full shop here. Before I sign off and let you shop away, I just have to say thank you for your support in all things Household. This shop wouldn't exist without each and everyone of you who are reading and I am so grateful! So grateful. Cue the tears and champagne! 

Photography by Amy Frances

Nursery Artwork

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I have had the pleasure of connecting with so many incredible women through instagram during my pregnancy. Each of the items you see in the photo above are hanging on the wall above O's crib and were handmade by a fellow creative mama. Here are some links to where you can purchase their lovely creations. (and I highly suggest you do so cause these ladies rule!) 

"it's not a big deal" - A Family Print Shop

Handmade wall hanging - e-mail directly for orders

"goodnight my love" - Shop Hoop da Loop

Custom mini banner - Matriarch Handmade

Photo by Amy Frances.