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Household Shop!

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It's finally here guys! After months of connecting with makers I admire, placing orders, photographing, and putting the actual listings together the shop's virtual doors are officially open! My goal with the shop is to only sell items you could find in our household focusing on goods for children, women and of course, home. Our selection might be small, but that's because I have taken the time to hand select a collection of goods I believe in. All of these items have either been favorites for awhile or are special collaborations with friends of mine and it goes without saying that I couldn't be more proud to be selling goods from such talented folks. Preview our household goods below or check out the full shop here. Before I sign off and let you shop away, I just have to say thank you for your support in all things Household. This shop wouldn't exist without each and everyone of you who are reading and I am so grateful! So grateful. Cue the tears and champagne! 

Photography by Amy Frances

Owen's Play Space

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I'm sure you can tell if you've been reading along here for awhile or even if you've just followed along on Instagram that I have rearranged our space a handful of times in the year and a half we've lived here. Our space has a tricky floor plan, and while I love it, I'm always looking for ways to make the best use of what we have. A couple months ago after co-sleeping wasn't working out so great, we moved our bed into Owen's room and began the crib transfer (which I have to say went much better than expected). When we moved our bed, the area our broker considered a "half bedroom" was open, and we felt the perfect place to set up a play area for Owen. 

Over the past few weeks I have partnered with The Land of Nod to put this space together just the way I dreamed of for O. This bookcase is ideal because not only does it mesh with our style, but it houses the majority of his toys and books - those doors make hiding bulky toys extra easy which is an added bonus. We were able to anchor the bookcase to the wall so that it's extra safe for Owen since he's pulling up on nearly everything at the moment. Anyone else feel like they're having a constant heart attack with a baby this age? It's a huge relief to know he can play safely in this area. The teepee is something I had been eyeing for quite sometime. Ever since Owen's interest in books has piqued I've been daydreaming about finding him in a little teepee like this one "reading" to himself. Luckily I can fit in there with him now so I can assist with the reading. ;) We hung these book ledges at the perfect height for Owen to reach so that hopefully my daydream can come true, and might have to pick up a couple more because they're so perfect for little ones his age. Grab all the links to these wonderful pieces from The Land of Nod below. 

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