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Prospect Park

Fall with My Little Guy

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Last week I swear when we went to bed it was summer and the next morning we woke up to a fall breeze. Just like that the seasons made a switch overnight. We might be going a little overboard since it's just in the sixties, but it feels nice to turn the AC off, open the windows and add an extra layer of clothing. I'm such a sucker for this season. It's in these moments that I think to myself, "Oh, you're such a mom." All I've wanted to do this past week is make pie, drink warm drinks, make our home extra cozy, and go for long walks with Owen to soak up this weather. Last winter I primarily wore Owen since he was just a newborn, and well, it just seemed easier.

Times have definitely changed. Now that he's a year old (and twenty two pounds) I find myself leaning more and more on the stroller for our outings. We cycled through a few before landing on just the right one for our family, but I have to say the Cameleon3 Elements from Bugaboo kind of knocked it out of the park right away for us. The moment I brought it down the stairs and started pushing Owen I might have said to myself out loud (like a crazy person), "This is so nice." Honestly though, it's an incredibly smooth ride for both myself and Owen and has proven to be beneficial as we stroll through the city and the park. The park is the perfect location for a stroll with my new Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements since the designer drew inspiration from nature when designing this stroller. The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements features a new soft-to-the-touch herringbone fabric on the bassinet, seat and sun canopy, which has a natural-style and unrefined texture.

The small wheels swivel to help you navigate through smaller spaces (hello any NYC market or really any establishment) and the larger wheels make trekking through rougher terrain more efficient. It’s these features that allow us to move freely and allow Owen to explore the world. Bugaboo strollers are an investment and my only regret is that we didn't make the jump to Bugaboo sooner. Bugaboo strollers are designed to carry your little one from the time they're born through their toddler years. Bugaboo turns burdens into blessings through unexpected, yet useful features found in all of their strollers such as the option to have them face forward or out which is a feature we haven't had with any of our previous strollers. Owen likes to see the world so I had him out this particular day. Watching the world through his eyes is just about the greatest thing. My Cameleon³ Elements is definitely the one for me and I’m ready to take it with me everywhere!

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Prospect Park Concerts

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Zack and I met a couple pals at Prospect Park to listen to Modest Mouse play for the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series. The show was sold out so we threw down a blanket just behind the concert area, were able to listen for free, and bring our own snacks. Kind of perfect, right? This picture above shows it clearly, but there were so many kids there! It made me so excited about the idea that we will still be able to go out and be social even with a small babe around. Since moving to Park Slope this April, I am constantly seeing evidence of this, but every time I experience it I get excited all over again.

Brooklyn locals - I would love to hear some of your favorite spots/activities to do both with your friends and your little ones. Shoot me an email at or comment here.

Photography by Amy Frances

Brooklyn Family Feature by Amy Frances

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A Note from Amy Frances: Such a sweet and loving family. That's all that you need to know about this amazing group. Zach and Stacy have the most adorable three little girls, Loretta, Betty, and Hazel. We spent some time together at Prospect Park and captured some beautiful moments. I wanted to keep this session as easy and laid back as possible. So we played, we spun around until we were dizzy, climbed trees, tackled dad, and everything else that makes a day in the park perfect.

All photography by amy frances