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Finding My New Bra Size

Motherhood, Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

Mamas, why didn’t any of you tell me what was about to happen to my boobs after I stopped breastfeeding?! I don’t intend to scare any of you who are currently pregnant, breastfeeding or who aren’t mothers yet, but plan to be at some point, but ladies - my body has changed tremendously and I’m pretty sure no one shared anything about this part of postpartum with me. I realize every woman is different and that my changes are all a beautiful part of growing a human, giving birth and then breastfeeding and weaning, but my oh my - I don’t remember my breasts being this small before I got pregnant. Hah! Needless to say, as the weaning process began this September my chest quickly shrunk to the point that none of my bras fit correctly. After what felt like enough change for my body over the past two years, I found myself back in a place of uncertainty when it came to my own bra size, which is a strange place to be at twenty six, but I’m here - hello, my name is Hailey!

I started the online search for new bras and felt discouraged. Since I didn’t know my size, I knew I would end up with a handful of returns and maybe one bra that sort of fit or I would need to visit somewhere I could be fitted. Neither of these options sounded conducive to my lifestyle with Owen. First of all, I don’t have the money to be purchasing multiple bras and paying for shipping on returns if they don’t fit, and on top of that, bra shopping in Soho with a one year old kind of sounds like my worst nightmare, so I decided to ditch both of those plans and go back to the drawing board. I was so happy when I came across ThirdLove’s site. These wonderful women have created a try before you buy program for their best-selling bra styles (tshirt, push-up and full coverage). To up your chances for the perfect fit on the first try they’ve even developed an iPhone app that asks you a series of questions to help determine your bra size. Their process is simple. Once you go through their prompts and land on your bra size you visit their online shop and select the styles and sizes you want to try - I tried the 24/7 T-shirt Bra, 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra and the 24/7™ Lace Push-Up Bra, and the ThirdLove app even nailed my size down, A+++. No returns necessary. But if I would have had to return, returns are free. If you choose to keep the bras they charge you after 30 days. They even let you take the tags off if you’d like to really give it a try before deciding. So amazing!

I’ve found it’s really easy to be tough on myself after I’ve watched and felt my body change so dramatically overtime. ThirdLove saved me such a headache and has genuinely helped me feel confident again after going through yet another change. To learn more about their try before you buy program and to check out their styles visit their site here.

Photography by Amy Frances.

This post was sponsored by ThirdLove.


Closet Staples: Ace & Jig

Beauty + FashionHailey AndresenComment

I've admired the owners of Ace & Jig, Cary and Jenna, for quite sometime. The duo met as fashion interns nearly ten years ago where they bonded over their love for antique textiles. In 2009, after Cary gave birth to her daughter Alice and Jenna gave birth to her son James, they joined forces and started Ace & Jig. Their goal was to design season-less pieces that can be worn for years. Their silhouettes are simple, classic and flattering, and their textiles are stunning. They travel to India multiple times a year to work with textile specialists who are still weaving on ancient hand looms. Cary and Jenna are inspired by textiles with roots that stem from France to Japan. When I first saw their designs I was reminded of the Japanese Boro quilts I had seen in the vintage shop I worked in recently and back in college, Raggedy Threads. 

The piece I'm wearing here is from their exclusive line for Barney's (The Andie T-shirt). While the top is similar in silhouette to a t-shirt, the double-layer cotton canvas makes it feel much more dressed up than your standard tee. I paired this top with my favorite pair of vintage Wranglers. There's something about Ace & Jig's designs that boosts your confidence and gives you a timeless sense of style. I truly feel like this look could have been worn by my grandmother in the 1960's, but is still equally stylish today, and I have a gut feeling when I look back on these images 20 or 30 years from now I'll feel the same. That confidence is truly priceless for me. Especially when it technically involves jeans and a t-shirt (my uniform, haha).

Making investments in garments like this and even just treating myself to a hair appointment or pedicure or cup of coffee on my own has been something I've been trying to make more of a conscious effort of the past couple months. As a mother it's easy to feel like the money or time should go elsewhere, but there's something to be said for doing something nice for yourself. Taking care of yourself as a mother in return is always beneficial for the whole family. It doesn't always have to involve spending money, but if you do feel like treating yourself to a garment that will last you years check out Ace & Jig


Closet Staples : Pin & Brim

Beauty + FashionHailey Andresen2 Comments

Anyone else feel like they've been wearing nothing but jeans and tees this summer? It's honestly been my uniform these days. I've tried to pick up a handful of breastfeeding friendly dresses, but that has seemed to be more difficult than you would think, plus pants have been the way to go over here now that I'm chasing after a crawling toddler. As much as I love my jeans and t-shirts I had my eyes peeled for loose fitting tops with some feminine touches. This Morocco embroidered top from Pin & Brim has been the perfect closet staple to throw into the mix this summer. Whether or not I was breastfeeding I would sport this top, but the fit truly is perfect for those of you who are breastfeeding like myself. Plus Pin & Brim's shop is incredibly affordable which has been a huge concern of mine since we adjusted our budget recently. Check them out! 


Side note to all you breastfeeding mamas - is anyone as excited as I am to not have to worry about how you're going to get your boobs out of what you're wearing when you get dressed in the morning once you're done breastfeeding? I don't know when this day will come for me exactly, but I'm genuinely looking forward to it! Haha. 

Morocco Top provided by Pin & Brim

Photography by Amy Frances